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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Our Lives

Posted on: 10 January 2022 by Goodwins Family Law Solicitors

The COVID-19 pandemic put a strain on many different areas of our lives, but perhaps none were tested more than our relationships. Spending so much time with a partner may have, at first, seemed like a silver lining of lockdown, but the statistics regarding divorce and breakups tell a very different story — and it’s not one with a happy ending.

For those whose relationships have survived lockdown, the reopening of society has presented a new challenge altogether. Now, people are reevaluating their futures, including their jobs, their goals and their relationships. 

Let’s take a look at how the pandemic has triggered so many life-changing decisions in people across the world.

How covid has impacted our lives


Divorce applications and breakups have skyrocketed across the UK and around the world from the outset of the pandemic. 

Despite being almost two years into the pandemic, the rise in breakups has rarely slowed. Many experts even forecast that the ‘break-up peak’ is still yet to come. A leading British law firm saw a 122% increase in divorce enquiries between July and October of 2021 compared with the same period last year. Citizens Advice, an independent UK charity, has continually reported spikes in searches for advice regarding ending a relationship. The statistics are clear: more people are choosing to end their relationship. And there’s no sign of things letting up.

It’s no surprise that the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has put a strain on relationships. Spending so much time with your partner can take its toll. Whereas couples were used to splitting their time between being at home with their partners and being at work away from their partners, new working from home arrangements have meant many couples have been forced to spend most of their time together. Relationship experts believe that too much time spent with a partner can lead to exhaustion. Without getting a break from your partner, you might start becoming irritated at small, trivial issues that subsequently escalate into much larger arguments.

The economic impact of the pandemic seems to be playing its part, too. People are finding themselves unemployed or taking home reduced pay, all of which may contribute to conflict within their relationship. Ironically, some couples may actually be putting off divorce because they don’t feel they have the money for the divorce process, meaning even an upturn in economic fortunes may trigger a new wave of divorces.

Further, there has been a significant spike in women filing for divorce. A staggering 76% of divorces are being initiated by women, compared to just 60% a year prior. One explanation for this can be found in a study that shows how heterosexual women are still taking on a disproportionate amount of housework compared to their male partners, even when both partners are working from home. 


And it’s not just relationships that are changing. Research found that 60% of UK workers intend to make changes to their careers as a result of the pandemic. These changes range from learning new skills or gaining further qualifications to completely changing career paths. 

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