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How to Identify a Toxic Marriage

Posted on: 17 June 2022 by Goodwins Family Law Solicitors

Toxic relationships are not always easy to spot — especially when you’re in one. 

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and what might seem like irrational behaviour in one relationship may be deemed acceptable in another. 

However, there are some traits common to toxic relationships that typically lead to feelings of despair, resentment, anger and regret. If you’ve recently been feeling unhappy, worried or not like yourself, ask yourself whether you can recall any of the following problems.

How to identify a toxic marriage

Poor communication

Openness and honesty are the foundations of any healthy relationship. A relationship can quickly become toxic if your partner is unwilling to open up and discuss important emotional issues. They might avoid being open by using manipulative tactics such as lying or being passive aggressive. They might also give you the silent treatment or shut you down when you attempt to open up to them. This can leave you feeling mistreated, misunderstood and isolated.

When you refuse to open up you allow negative emotions to brew. This usually ends in an explosive altercation where all the bottled up emotions are finally released. 

Controlling behaviour

Controlling behaviour can manifest in a variety of different ways – some more obvious than others. It might be telling you what you can and can’t wear, or controlling when you leave the house and who you talk to. Controlling behaviour can be insidious; it might start small and seemingly insignificant but eventually grow into something much more concerning. Many people report feeling a sense of helplessness when being controlled. They might feel unable to speak out for fear of what their partner might do and may present with serious self-esteem issues.

Ignoring issues

Everyone has issues, but it’s critical for a healthy relationship that partners address those issues and take the necessary steps to improve them. A toxic partner may refuse to work on issues that are negatively affecting the relationship. Even worse, they may refuse to acknowledge their issues or start arguments when their partner brings these issues up.

There are a variety of issues that might affect the relationship, including anger issues or trust issues. 

Unequal effort

Every relationship requires give and take. If one partner isn’t pulling their weight, the relationship can quickly become strained. Toxic partners may be emotionally detached or unwilling to invest their time and effort. They might be selfish and leave their partner to take on the responsibilities. This often leads to feelings of resentment and anger.


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